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  If the history of company Golec Trans will be analyzed, everyone can conclude that American dream of success can be realty here at our place. History of company shows us its step by step development, and proves us that any achieved success of Golec Trans is merit of several years’ hardworking and honest sweat of its owner Hamdi Latifi.
Inception of company Golec Trans is since 1973, but then company was registered on personal name of owner, with business activity in the field of transport. Business skills of Mr. Latifi have been expressed very rapidly, in 1979 he bought combine, and started to give service of corn reaping for farmers of Pollog region.
Until 1992, company bought three more combines, also and three trucks. On 01.04.1992 Company Hamdi Latifi, will be renamed in Golec Trans, company for trade and services.
In the beginning, the main business activity of Golec Trans was transport of goods and work out of soil. But last 15 last fifteen years company Golec Trans has been extended much more and succeeded to establish four new working units, such are:
▫ Working unit separation
▫ Working unit for concrete
▫ Working unit for transport and
▫ Working unit for building
Company Golec Trans to own clients offer always the best and exactly this is reason of its progress and transforming in big and well known company in entire region. Quality of company Golec Trans has been proven by work.
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